1.    Our carpet cleaning dries in about one hour, depending on how much all-natural citrus cleaner is used. The dirtier the carpet, the more solution is needed.
2.    We do not use chemical foam or chemical sponges, (which are actually sawdust).
3.    We use low moisture rather than gallons of hot water.
4.    We are not a dry concept system. We are in-between dry cleaners and steam cleaners.
5.    The moisture is balanced and the solutions are green-sealed approved, which means they are biodegradable; not that you can ingest them.
6.    We use an all-natural, citrus based, oxygenated product that is made from orange,lemon, and grapefruit peels. But you still cannot eat it.
7.    We used to be steam cleaners, years ago, but found this low moisture process that works much better and dries much faster.
8.     With our process, there is no “wicking” back of stains. That is when the stain reappears after drying.
9.    Wicking is caused when the soil is forced down to the base of the carpet fibers or into the backing with high pressured water. The water mixes with the soil and rises to the surface while drying, but leaves the solid components of the stain on the top of the         carpet as it evaporates.
10.    Fabric protection is used to put a light moisture-repellant coating on the top of the fibers so that stain removal is much easier.
11.    Fabric protection also gives you a few seconds to soak up the spill before it penetrates the fabric totally. A liberal coating will “set up” the liquid on top of the fabric, so that you can wipe it away.
12.    We clean floor tile, bathroom wall tiles and outdoor tiles. We do not clean marble floors.
13.    We offer residential and commercial tile, residential and commercial carpeting, residential and commercial furniture, but only residential air ducts.
14.    All of our franchisees clean carpet, furniture, mattresses and tile, but not all clean hardwood floors, leather, air ducts, or do flood restoration.
15.    We sell franchises world-wide.
16.    Our head-office is located in Cocoa, FL.
17.    We base our business on honesty and old-fashioned Christian values.
18.    We are a family-owned and operated cleaning business that sells owner/operator business opportunities.
19.    We do not clean draperies and are not a dry-cleaning business.
20.    We will go an extra two miles for our customers, rather than the proverbial one extra mile.
21.    If WE cannot get the stain out; no one can.
22.    We have removed stains that are years old that other companies could not remove.
23.    We have been in the carpet cleaning business for 30 years.
24.    We clean and condition leather furniture.
25.     The cushions that go with the sofa are included in the cleaning. Other accent cushions are extra.
26.    We move small furniture, not entertainment centers, sectionals, beds or dressers.
27.     We clean as far under the beds as possible.
28.    The carpet will not be dirty under entertainment centers, dressers etc.
29.    We move everything except entertainment centers, when cleaning tile and grout or wood floors.
30.     The customer is welcome to move whatever they please prior to our cleaning.
31.    Clear sealant for the grout is available for an additional charge.
32.    We do not replace broken or cracked tiles or missing grout. We only clean and seal.
33.    We can clean any mattress from silk to memory foam.
34.    We are pet stain experts and have a special product that eats the protein from any type of bodily fluid or excrement.
35.    Our hardwood and laminate floor refinishing is sand-less, with no dusty mess.
36.    Wood floors can be walked on, with socks, 30 minutes after application.
37.    Our citrus cleaner can be used to remove stains from clothing, luggage, purses, bedding etc.
38.    We do not have a money-back guarantee.  We guarantee satisfaction.
39.    Once you use us, you will always use us.
40.    We clean any type of furniture and upholstery, including dining-room chairs and upholstery on boats.
41.     All of our prices are given to you on our website under the pricing tab.
42.     We have no hidden fees or agendas. We are honest and to the point.
43.     We have videos on our website that show how we clean.
44.    Our videos and reviews are real customers.
45.    We are the least expensive cleaner  - out the door. That means that the final bill is still less money than those “bait and switch” companies.
46.    Our employees are not “farmed out”, they are trained family members, who have some  “skin” in the business, therefore they are going to be more conscientious of a job well-done.
47.    We use the Rotobrush system of cleaning air ducts, that simultaneously brushes and vacuums the duct walls as it spins.
48.     No one can clean a whole house’s heating and ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system for $99 or less, and still make any money. That is false advertising, so expect the price to go up when the other company gets there.
49.     We charge per vent, and our price is given in our advertisements and in more detail on-line.
50.    We disinfect with a hospital grade antimicrobial spray, that is fogged into the duct system, on completion of the cleaning, at no extra charge.